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Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue - Tropical breakdown

Pierre Omer was born in London of an Indian father and a Swiss mother. He is a founder member of the legendary Swiss funeral Rock’n’Roll band The Dead Brothers (guitars and accordion). In 2009 he started several solo projects along with Robert Butler (the Shit, the Miracle Workers), Roland Bucher and Christian Aregger (Blind Butcher) in 2013 the Swing machine where born.. along with: Pierre Omer: vocals, guitar Julien Israelian: drums, Géraldine Schenkel: Fender Rhodes, Christoph Gantert: vocals, trumpet, and the one and only Lalla Morte: Sings Fakir and Dances
they play many shows and festivals such as: Binic Folk Blues Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Buskers Bern, Festival Les Athénéennes, Pod’Ring Biel, Vinelz, Le Cirque Electric Paris etc
this new album is Recorded by the Band itself in total DIYS .. pierre already produced some voodoo rhythm records (mama rosin) for us in the past, and was mixed in Berlin’s Big Snuff Studio with Nene Baratto (movie star junkies, black lips, Heat, Jimi Tenor, King khan, Black Mass Rising (soundtrack) etc the whole album Stands out with pierre’s amazing song writing skills and the lazy laid back dark vocal and his irritating guitar playing along with christop gantert’s devil possessed trumpet playing.


1. Atomic swing
2. Give me the groove
3. Tropical breakdown
4. L’amour a la plage
5. It doesn’t sound (the way it should)
6. Zanzibar
7. Get down on your knees
8. Just one kiss video
9. What we are doing here
10. Lanen
11. Leslie Kong
12. Swing street