RAMONES: Mondo Bizarro LP


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Originally released in 1992, and long out of print on vinyl since then, “Mondo Bizarro” was the 12th studio album by the amazing Ramones.It was the first album with C.J Ramone on bass duty, and also marked a return to the band’s purest punk-rock sound after the slight detour of previous records, being celebrated by fans all over the world as their best record in a while. With superb tracks such as ‘Poison Heart’, ‘Censorshit’, ‘Strength to Endure’, ‘Heidi Is a Headcase’ or ‘Touring’, “Mondo Bizarro” well deserves being revisited or even discovered by anyone even remotely interested in the greatest band ever.

A1 Censorshit
A2 The Job That Ate My Brain
A3 Poison Heart
A4 Anxiety
A5 Strength To Endure
A6 It’s Gonna Be Alright
B1 Take It As It Comes
B2 Main Man
B3 Tomorrow She Goes Away
B4 I Won’t Let It Happen
B5 Cabbies On Crack
B6 Heidi Is A Headcase
B7 Touring