THE CONQUERORS: Turn On, Tune Out, Drop Dead 10″


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"It's A Crime" by The Conquerors (The Kirkbys cover)

Members of two of Minnesota’s greatest pop bands, the Funseekers and the Spectators have joined forces to form the Conquerors, a band that has won friends amongst the garage community in the US. The songs on this EP draw noticeably from ‘60s mod, soul and pop equally, winding up sounding quite a bit like UK ‘60s mod/psych crossed with a good dose of US fuzz garage. Extra attention has been paid to the songwriting which results in tunes that are memorable and catchy, yet are injected with the power of a strong garage band.

Track Listing:
A1.   It’s A Crime
A2.   Goodbye Young Lovers
A3.   7 Chiffon Place
A4.   So Turned On
A1.   Kicking Myself
A2.   Family Tree
A3.   All I Want
A4.   Conquerors Theme
A5.   Why