THE JACK CADES: Something New LP


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The Jack Cades - Free Advice

The Jack Cades - Chasing You

Third album from the Jack Cades (Stratford Upon Avon, UK)…. After two fine Lp’s on Dirty Water and Bickerton Rcds, the band teams up with Dangerhouse Skylab and Beluga Rcds for this cool and great new Lp… Engineered at Gizzard Studios in London with Ed Deegan, you will find here 12 new original songs and a fine cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Temptation Inside Your Heart”… The line -up is Elsa Whittaker (Missing Souls, Capellas, Guitar/Vocals), Mike Whittaker (Baron Four, Vicars, Paper Lips, guitar/vocals), Alexandra Cools (Speedball Jr, Evil Thingies, Bass) and Mole (Embrooks, Mystreated, Baron Four, Groovy Uncle, Stewed and others… on drums)…The sleeve was conceived by the cool Robin Gnista, who has already worked for Datura 4, Asteroid B 612, Bob Dylan, Blues Pills, Tommy Ray, Ty Segall and others.
This gem will be available late may 2023.

A Side:
1- Rise
2- Free Advice
3- Tommy
4- Ours To Find
5- Chasing You
6- Who Will I See
7- Angelica
B Side:
1- Something New
2- Electric Messiah
3- Candy Cane
4- Temptation Inside Your Heart
5- Flip Flop Fly
6- Last Stand