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The Makers - Little Piece of Action

I'm Not A Social Kinda Guy

Reissue of the 1995 LP with iconic “mid-finger” sleeve by Art Chantry on ISCO Phonographics (a Chaputa! Records company). New mastering by Jack Endino. Includes exclusive 4-page inlay.

Gritty and punk, the Makers sound like a dirty early Stones. Their self-titled LP is a garage-punk masterpiece!

“From the bowels of Felony Flats erupt the kings of J.D. trash-rock, The Makers with their most explosive chunk of punk-spew yet! These Northwest trouble magnets found a couple of days between drunken jags and barroom brawls to crank out their meanest, scariest, “Fuck You” album yet. Helping out in the “bad attitude” dept. is legendary Texas soul-punk knucklebuster Tim Kerr, who managed to survive two days of recording hell with da boys at Egg Studios in Seattle. The result is “The Makers” LP… a raw, undistilled slab of perverted greatness. When yer needle hits the searin’ tracks of this wax you’ll swear that The Makers’ big, black hearse is comin’ straight at-cha at 120mph! “The Makers” LP is nothing short of a shock-rock masterpiece… believe it!” (Estrus Quarterly Vol. 7, Num. 1)

Limited edition of 500 copies on Black Vinyl.
Licensed from Estrus Records.

A1 Little Piece Of Action
A2 Do What I Wanna
A3 Drinking Big Water
A4 Waste Of Flesh
A5 Angry Young Man
A6 Nothing In No Time
A7 Ezmerelda
A8 I’m Not A Social Kinda Guy
B1 White Bread
B2 Try A New Lie
B3 Please Kill Yourself
B4 Hate Your Games
B5 Sad Little Bug
B6 She’s Going Under
B7 Getting Even
B8 Kind That Kills

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