THE TENDERFEET: Moody Garage Series 7″


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Hold Back the Sunrise

The second seven inches in BACK TO BEAT Moody Garage Series, where the label asked current bands they like to cover their favourite moody garage classics. MOODY002 is a single by The Tenderfeet from Greece. They’re a brand new band, but the members have been active in the Greek garage scene since the nineties in bands like The Frantic V, The Odd Mods and more.

Side A – Black Winds
Side B – Hold Back The Sunrise

Apostolis Valasas – Bass
Yannis Ferfiris – Drums
Kostas Aggelopoulos – Guitar
Apostolos Stragalinos – Organ
Alex Klimentopoulos – Vocals / Tambourine
Artwork by Avi Spivak

Black Winds was written by Tom Davies, and originally performed by Little John and the Monks.
Hold Back the Sunrise was written by J. L. Caraway and Ron Gray, and riginally performed by Ron Gray.

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