THE UNCLAIMED: Creature of the Maui Loon LP


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Maui Loon (Official Video)

The Unclaimed testament LP after Shelley Ganz’ passing last January. Garage Punk meets Sixties Bubblegum Pop and Tiki influences. L.A.’s own Garage Kings, THE UNCLAIMED, return with a brand new LP, the first since 1989’s “Under The Bodhi Tree.” Their mix of Garage-Punk, Folk, Surf & Tiki culture, reverberated guitars and snotty vocals has made this legendary band unique since their debut 7″ “Moxie” EP, reissued on Teen Sound Records. Following on the heels of the digital release of that EP along with extended versions of the LPs “Primordial Ooze Flavored” and “Under The Bodhi Tree,” their new album manages to expand their musical palette while remaining true to their sound. Book your copy now, this limited edition LP won’t last long! OUT MARCH 15th, 2024.

1. The Heart Never Forgets
2. Hunters and Gatherers
3. Kemosabe
4. (Not So Good) Queen Bess
5. I Found A Girl
6. Maui Loon
7. Guitar M-Sheen Gun
8. Just Can’t Understand
9. Calling All Girls
10. I’ll Always Cry For You
11. Y.D. Girl
12. Attila The Hun