VA: CREATURE CUTS Vol. 4 LP (Great 50-60’s Trash – Red vinyl with black splatter)


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The Headliners - Voodoo Plan

14 Killer tracks of madness & monsters from the 50’s, early 60’s and more! Beware: The Voodoo Man by The Del Vikings en Voodoo Woman by Curtis Knight on the slab, so you might catch some spells! Shake your bones to the Vladimir Twist by Vladimir and the Grave Diggers  & rattle your hips to the Dracula Cha-Cha by Renato Rascel! Best to spin the wax late at night, you will get some monsters and spooks around, they come in a hearse from a surfari!
A great addition to the Creature Cuts series (Get off the Road Records).The vinyl is bloody red with black splatter! More than worthy  to be in your collection!

Vol. 2 and vol. 3 still available.

A.1. Terry Gale – The Voodoo
A.2. Headliners – Voodoo Plan
A.3. Al Bruno – Midnight Creep
A.4 . Johnny Kidd & the Pirates – Castin’ my Spell
A.5. Jim Burguet – Split Personality
A.6. Peter Drake – The Spook
A.7. Jack Turner – Nightmare
B.1. The Del Vikings – The Voodoo Man
B.2. Renato Rascel – Dracula Cha Cha Cha
B.3. Curtis Knight – Voodoo Woman
B.4. Johnny Mae Matthews – The Headshrinker
B.5. King Horror – Vampire
B.6. Vladimir and the Grave Diggers – Vladimir Twist
B.7. Ding & Bat – Hearse on a Surfari

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