VA: SPOONFUL Vol. 7 – Boom-A-Lay 10″


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Amazing and danceable tunes from the late 50s and early 60s – a handful of Popcorn dancefloor smashs, a few grinding Tittyshakers, awesome Rhythm & Blues – most of them with an exotic twist! 12 songs each on nice 10″ vinyl (only)!

Side A:
Downstairs – Plas Johnson & His Orchestra
13 Woman – Chance Halladay
My Baby’s Gone – Nick Anthony
Crackin’ Stone – Nicky De Matteo
Almost Good – David Seville
(Let’s Twist ) Slow And Easy – Ted Jarrett & Band
Side B:
Boom-A-Lay – The Astro Jets
Hungry Man – Titus Turner
Big Hand ,Little hand – Ronny Savoy
Tremble – Malcom Dods
900 Miles – Alan Arkin
Unsquare Dance – Dave Brubeck Quartet