VA: TRAPPED – 16 R&B and Early Soul Stompers LP


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Terry & Jerry - Mama Julie

Sixteen never-before-reissued R’N’B and Early Soul cuts, compiled by Jordi DurΓ³.

A1 Baby Dee – Trapped
A2 Terry & Jerry – Mama Julie
A3 The Knockouts – You Can Take My Girl
A4 J.D. & The Impressions – Baby You’ll Get Yours
A5 The Miller Sisters – Pop Your Finger
A6 Ty Terrell – The Scratch Pt. 1
A7 The Shamans – Shubby Dubby Doo
A8 The Playboys – So Good
B1 Honey & The Bee – Almost Eighteen
B2 The Lavenders – Slide
B3 The Vibes – Let The Old Folks Talk
B4 Cornell Blakely – Don’t Do It
B5 Del Mingos – Young Queen Chunka Bo Bo
B6 The Ideals – Mojo Hanna
B7 The Chanteers – Mr. Zebra
B8 Cy Wagner Orchestra – Mah-Mah Limbo