WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!!: Viven !!! LP


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Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! - ¡¡¡Viven!!! (Full Album / Álbum completo)

Welcome to the wild and wooly world of this savage group of strapping, handsome young Spaniards… we’re proud to present a repress of WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!! sopho-moronic long player “Viven!!!” This LP is busting at the seams with Back From The Grave worthy garage punk monsters, and they’re all led by a vocalist (he sure as sheep shit ain’t a singer!) that out-psychos the vocalist from Los Saicos! Just wait til you get a whiff of their “96 Tears” on dexedrine dance floor filler “Copa, Raya, Paliza.” Is Wau puking throughout this song? And let’s not even pretend to ignore their tribute to the greatest and greasiest axe-wielder of all time in “Viva Link Wray!!!” Kids all over the world have witnessed these borrachos live, and are now referring to them as “The craziest band we ever have sawed!” Fueled equally by potent ingestibles and a sincere passion for the big, crude beat of 1966, Wau y los Arrrghs are here to make sure that the party gets started and destroyed in no time flat, in true no-count style. *Album produced by Jorge Explosion (Dr. Explosion) and the LEGENDARY Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands / Devil Dogs)

A1 Delincuente
A2 Bli, Blu, Bla (Bla Bla Bla)
A3 ¿Dónde Están?
A4 It’s Great
A5 La Cueva
A6 No Mientas Más
B1 Copa, Raya, Paliza
B2 Dicen
B3 Piedras
B4 Help Me Find Myself
B5 Viva Link Wray!!!