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The WYLDE TRYFLES from Bordeaux sound wild and out of control, playing their modern take on ultra-fuzzed female-fronted 60s garage-punk, full of snotty garage vocals, screams, back from the grave vibes and hypnotic dangerous dancing beat! So, what do they serve on their third Soundflat Records-release ‘Outta Tyme’? It’s a brand-new killer 60’s-garage-mayhem-punk-LP with 10 astounding tunes in the tradition of US-garage and British R&B/Freakbeat with an amazing vintage studio sound. You can expect the obvious classic fuzzy 60’s garage-punk influence by the likes of LITTLE PHIL AND THE NIGHT SHADOWS, THE FIVE CANADIAN, THE OMENS, THE MUSIC MACHINE and THE YARDBIRDS; at the same time a great portion of 80’s garage-revival-legends inspiration like THE PANDORAS or THE CYNICS, and of course the WYLDE TRYFLES’ unique approach to their signature sound. You get nine smashing melodic TRYFLES-originals like the breathtaking ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ or the catchy ‘Don’t Press Your Luck’, plus one wylde coverversion of THE SAVOY’s ‘Can It Be’, which seems to be tailormade for the band and will keep you dancing all night long. This LP is definitely among the top 60’s garage revival records. ‘Outta Tyme’ is a fantastic new album by French garagepunkers THE WYLDE TRYFLES – don’t miss out on this wylde nugget! Ready, steady, go and get it!

Side 1
1. Can’t Get Enough
2. Gonna Be A Change
3. Out Of Tyme
4. Don’t Leave Me This Way
5. Can It Be
Side 2
1. One And One Make Two
2. I Don’t Need Your Lovin’
3. Why
4. Don’t Press Your Luck
5. Monsters

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