The Maharajas Press Release


Here are the new songs from The Maharajas – the group who boldly go where no group has gone before… Their new single Black Box will set your universe spinning like the massive black hole that swirls in the center of the milky way. And you may very well spin
all the way to the north-west of USA.
Since the start some 5 000 days ago, the group has produced numerous records and played several gigs all over europe, whom together have set a new standard for all neo-punk-garage bands around in the world as we know it. From the beginning until today
The Maharajas have always challenged themselves musically, and are as unpredictable as the quarks in quantum physics.
In order to keep this excitement going the brains of Ulf, Jens and Mathias need fuel.
A steady diet of garage, punk, pub rock, rhytm’n’blues and other mind boggling musical expressions is what keeps their song writing abilities alive. For this new 7” they took help
of Matti Amundsen, the wild, bongo-beating homo erectus who used to slaughter drums in the mythical group Thee Satans that hails from örebro, Sweden.
So what’s in the Black Box? Just purchase your own copy of the delicately packaged piece of plastic and place it on your turntable to find out!

A-side: Black Box
B-side: B-Files
300 copies
Black Vinyl
Cover Art by Rui Ricardo
Release date: April 2nd


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