Lola Lola: Baby Please Don’t Go (Official Video)

The perpetual movement and constant restlessness that feature the circus space were the inspiration for the videoclip of “Baby Please Don’t Go”, LOLA LOLA’s fifth 7”. Guided again by the hands of Susana Abreu and Rodrigo Areias, who reuse the unique Super 8 lenses, the band from Oporto peeks under the canvas of a traditional circus, where the unexpected is the keyword.
Between the lights and the bright colours, the return to the past is reinvented by the sharing of the protagonists, who cohabit in a niche of those who, with their own language and expression, remain free in the resistance to conformism.Parallel to the nomadism to which the theme of the single alludes, we find a peculiar lifestyle, which survives all difficulties and obstacles, keeping the precious cultural legacy that goes back to the saltimbancos alive.Β 

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