BAD MOJOS: Songs That Make You Wanna Die LP + DL


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“Garbage Punk From Bern Switzerland three Anti-chord chainsaw punk rockers that makes you wanna kick your boss in the balls and piss on a cop car. Sounds like an Disturbed Oi!-Band covering Blues and Garage Punk Nuggets from the mid 60’s whilst looking like a shits crap”

Three Chord Simple as Fuck Chainsaw Massacre Fast Teen Punk from Berne, Switzerland, their second Voodoo Rhythm Album after ‚i hope you OD in 2018, they went back to the Swamp Lands Studios with Lo Spider and this time as well to Shirts off Studios in Switzerland for a couple tracks, and we have 17!!!! Songs on a Long player .. totaly short killers between 1 and 3 minutes the most. Switzerland’s not a place for UNDERGROUND music? you may think but we’ll show you differently, Switzerland had the most powerful banks in the world, inventors of the RED CROSS but export weapons to war zones, the richest people in the world live here .. so you can say that Switzerland is the only country in the world where it is legitimate to form a punk rock band to make up for it, from Bern and surrounding areas come the probably craziest and most underrated bands in Switzerland (Grauzone, The Monsters, Lightning Beat -Man, Glueams, Eigernordwand, Omni Selassi etc) We are very proud to present to you the new generation in Swiss Underground Music and here we go with the one and only Bad Mojos 2nd Full Length Album

buzzsaw, three-chord punk rock that’s highly reminiscent to what The Spits and The Ramones have cut a career doing. Basic. Raw. Unhinged. Mongoloid Rock (New Noise USA)

Fast paced, yet efficient, this is one of the best straight-forward punk records I’ve heard in a very, very long time. Riffs, riffs and more riffs. (Heatwave USA)

ultra tight and melodic 77’ Punk rock with lotsa feedback (OX Germany)

Everybody hates me! Everybody hates me! Everybody hates me! Everybody hates me (Reverendo Lys Italy)


1. crash & burn
2. weekend warrior
3. h-bomb
4. cold blooded murder
5. nazi hunt
6. autobahn
7. beatin’ on the bars
8. i wanna be rejected
9. money
10. alien suicide
11. protect & surf
12. get outta the way
13. i’m a sinner
14. problem child
15. self-destruct
16. scum
17. summer of hate