DIAMOND DOGS: Weekend Monster LP (green vinyl)


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Diamond Dogs - Weekend Monster (Official Music Video)

Boy is this a release for children of the 70’s! A combination of Mott The Hoople, 73-era UK glam, Roy Wood-era ELO, lots of early 70’s Bowie and The Faces. Put this CD in your player alongside your faves from this era, Hit random play. Call everybody you know who doesn’t steal and tell ’em to bring a bottle and two girls. Fill the baby pool with ice and two cases canned beer and watch the mood change. Diamond Dogs are that cool! Rough, smoky vocals brilliantly mixed with honky tonk piano and laid back guitars. The warm atmosphere brings the air of 1973 and the energy of the songs and performance give a promise of rock music for the new generation.

A1 Weekend Monster
A2 Throw It All Away
A3 Lunatic, Eye-Rolling Delivery
A4 Passing Through My Heart
A5 Pills
B1 Just Ain’t Right
B2 Poison Honey
B3 Connection
B4 Position Right Here!
B5 Slim Busty Blonde, Part II