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Et Explore Me - Shine (official video)

Underground heroes of Haarlemtown in the Netherlands – saving the sewers of garage rock from the same old riff rock 17 years of distorted organ fuzz stripped down snare bare essence boogie thump of a bassline pumped out of mangled monster of an amp. From the gutted churches of the Spanish hillside to the cigarette stench beer belch glorious gutterstreet rock n roll holes of Holland, Germany and France, ET EXPLORE ME has been leaving beer soaked, sweat stained smiling and stinking rock n roll fans begging for more since 2002. Finally deciding to get their shit together and make a full album, ET EXPLORE ME delivers on wax exactly what they do live. Full on FUZZED out Freaks unleashed. You wanna party, you wanna dig deep into the trenches of treble and bass, you wanna – oh I know you wanna just have a good time don’t you! Don’t you now! Of course you do fool. And ET EXPLORE ME has got the rocknroll sniffin glue to get you higher than daylight. So buy this album, see this band, pour a beer over your head and shake your ass, pump your fist and whatever you do, when you get home after the show, don’t fall asleep in a puddle of your own piss.

1. Let me in
2. Shine
3. Psychonaut
4. Soy un Bruto
5. Soulbleed
6. H.Z. Statue
7. Onemanband
8. Demons
9. Butcher
10. Dig me Baby
11. Ink
12. Fincheye