Mão Morta: K7 LP (Marble crystal vinyl)


Limited edition of 100 copies on Marble Crystal vinyl

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In 1986 Mão Morta won the Originality Award at the II Rock Rendez-Vous Modern Music Competition.
At the beginning of 1987, through a vote on Rádio Universidade Tejo, they were considered the “Best National Band without Vinyl Record”, an award that enabled them to record their first two songs in a professional studio. Following this, the agency Malucos da Pátria sponsored the recording of four more songs in the studio and, in August 1987, edited the set of these six recordings on a K7 with the title “Mão Morta’, This, thus, is the first audio record recorded in the studio edited by Mão Morta, a year before their first vinyl record, now available on vinyl.

1. Oub’ Lá
2. Véus_Caidos
3. Abandonada
4. Aum
5. Sitiados
6. E Se Depois