OH GUNQUIT: Why Haven’t You Watered The Plants? LP


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OH! GUNQUIT - Last Day On Earth (Official)

Third Studio Album from London’s Exotic, Twisted Psych Garage-Rock Gang. Recorded together live in Hackney Wick’s analogue Studio; Gizzard with additional remixes by South London’s Trashmouth Productions. The album is a further expansion of their Sci-Fi Future RocknRoll sound with many elements combined to create a storm of garagey post-punk sleaze-filled fun. With songs about dystopian visions and celebratory situations Oh! Gunquit coupled with Tina’s fervid vocals compel you to get loose and slay the day.

1. Last Day On Earth
2. Whiplash
3. Attack Of The Killer Cranes
4. Dance Like Fuck
5. Drone Man
6. The Splank!
7. Tomahawk Chop
8. Toxic Witch
9. Ping Pong At Pangs
10. Commander Salamder
11 Whack It

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