PAPER LIPS: The Sound of Sound LP


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Paper Lips - The Sound Of Sound

Paper Lips - Splash 1

Mike Whittaker from The Baron Four’s new solo project. Far from his previous English “Rhythm’ n’ Beat” ? la Milkshakes, early Kinks, he dwells here into the spaced-out sound of the Spaceman 3/Spiritualized/ Brian Jonestown Massacre. Slow motion tremolo and psyched fuzz guitar, languid vocals and floating drones. 9 original songs and a cover of the 13th Floor Elevators Splash 1!

A Side:
1- The Sound Of Sound
2- Monday Morning
3- Piece Of Mind
4- Better Run
5- Up & Down
B Side:
1- Badly Wired
2- What Is There To See?
3- Feeling Fine
4- Splash 1
5- Flight