SUBSONICS: Everything Is Falling Apart LP


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After two CD-only albums and a couple of 45’s on Atlanta, Georgia’s WorryBird Disk, here’s the third long-player from this awesome and criminally underrated R&R trio.With a mix of influences from the ’50s and beyond, Subsonics deliver a Cramps-esque cocktail of belligerent guitar riffs, thumping bass, and tribal drumming. Imagine Lou Reed singing with a garage band who’d raided their father’s collection of rare rockabilly gems. Unique songs, unique sound–don’t miss this one!

A I Didn’t Think You Could Take It
A2 The Real Action
A3 I Made You A Clown
A4 New Monkey Boy
A5 Shady Side Of The Street
A6 Eyeball
A7 Reflections Of A Gutter
A8 I Don’t Wanna Read Your Book
B1 Hello Beauty
B2 I Love You, I’ll Kill You
B3 Insinuation
B4 See-Thru Rhonda
B5 Queen For A Day
B6 Rachel’s Kiss
B7 Everything’s Falling Apart