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The Smoggers-Funeral LP Teaser

We’ve got some fuzzy good news straight from the garage for you: wild Spanish garagepunkers THE SMOGGERS have yet another vinyl-gem full of garage-goodies for you! Their eighth LP ‘Funeral’, and fourth yet on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS, is out right now! After their 13-year-anniversary best-of-album on DEAD BEAT RECORDS last year, these boys and girl kept themselves busy writing and recording some top-shelf brand-new tunes and the result is smashing!
With an amazing production, in this one, you can listen to new sound textures enslaved to the power of fuzz guitars. The band have taken a new step touching a very powerful, harder garage-sound leaving behind their classic moody guitars that you find on their previous recordings. Ana’s raving Vox organ and Fernando’s progressive hard melodic vocals topped off with a rocking beat accompany you through the whole album, which is full-on power and catchy at all times. You can find eight fabulous original tunes alongside two awesome covers of 60’s classics and all-time-faves ’99th Floor’ (The Moving Sidewalks) and ‘Hang Up’ (The Wailers).
With this absolutely wild LP leadsinger Fernando and his SMOGGERS bury their softer sounds in an explosive, creepy and trippy funeral that will transport you to the dark and wild side of rock’n’roll!

1. When You Hold Me
2. Gente Fea
3. Bikers In Hell
4. Tu Sombra
5. All The Time
1. Dracula Is Alone
2. Un Dia Gris
3. Mr. Jekyll & Hyde
4. 99th Floor
5. Psychotic Fear