THE SMOGGERS: Get Stoned on Fuzz LP


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THE SMOGGERS - No Reason (Official Video, 2019)

Here comes the brand new and sixth LP by crazy Garagepunkers THE SMOGGERS – and as its title already promises, you can easily ‘GET STONED ON FUZZ’ while listening! Starting off with a powerful Garagepunk-tune ‘Losing My Mind’, they added a brilliant coverversion of the BILL HALEY-classic ’13 Women’ next. With fuzzy guitars, screaming vocals by wild frontman Fernando and frantic hammond organ by the captivating Ana it more resembles the RENEGADESversion from 1966 or the FUZZTONES-version but with lots of Spanish wildness added. The heavy fuzz-guitar-sounds and sinister organ and background vocals in ‘Nunca Mas’ will absolutely blow your mind while the catchy ‘No Reason’ will make you twist and shout along! ‘Nothing Is Ever Real’ is a perfect Garage-dancer with a hint of dark psychedelia. If you’re not stoned on fuzz by now, better move on to the B-side quickly as this fantastic Garagepunk-record will not let you down for a second! You will go wild to ‘Radio Go’ with heavy guitars and a punky attitude and happily move to ‘Crazy Land’ with the Spanish boys and girl, being surrounded by a dark organ and manic vocals and laughs! One hit chases the next, you find a great deal of MIRACLE WORKERS-influence in ‘I Wanna Love’ and a hard beat, and cool harmonica in ‘Evelness’. Finally the dark ‘I Know’ tops the album off nicely. THE SMOGGERS have absolutely outdone themselves on this record with some fantastic songwriting and a perfect Garagepunk-sound that has a huge amount of power, tough attitude and a great deal of 80s-Garage-Revival-influence in it!

1. Losing My Mind
2. 13 Women
3. Nunca Mas
4. No Reason
5. Nothing Is Ever Real
6. Radio Go
7. Crazy Land
8. I Wanna Love
9. Evelness
10. I Know