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“The Sound Station making a Bo Diddley/Seeds/Troggs-inspired noise that’s part wigged-out garage, part raucous R&B and totally killer all around.”
Shindig Magazine

“Finally a band that can tap into the “secret cult” feeling of garage punk music and make you wanna meet them in a back alley with a bucket of blood and a bag of dead cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats and these cats who call themselves the Sound Station have weaved their own mystic sound by following the age old K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid). I hear loads of cool influences from the Seeds & Music Machine as well as some ol’ Georgia punk sounds ala B-52s or the Black Lips. Hail Hail Rock n Roll! Hail Hail the Sound Station!”
King “Bama Lama” Khan

“I caught The Sound Station at the ValFox/Offbeat festival this weekend, and they served up the garage punk real down and dirty-like. If you like The Gories, The Troggs, and The Seeds, you’ll dig The Sound Station!”
Razorcake Zine

“A tsunami so tremendous it knocks your eyes out of your head”
Jonny Whiteside (LA Weekly)


The Sound Station is a Los Angeles-based Rhythm n’ Blues Punk band with a rabid admiration for  50’s RnR and 60’s Garage, aiming to create music as mind-altering and blood-curdling as the vintage creature-feature sci-fi horror they love!

Simon and Nakia Black, the core songwriters and performers, have been hand-selecting a collective of misfits to play their bizarre brand of rock n roll from Coast to Coast for years, releasing a couple of vinyl singles that are coveted by some depraved lunatics in underground corners worldwide. With their Athens crew, Nate Mitchell, Adam Mizell and producer Jesse Mangum, they’ve served up these four new raunchy rockin’ eye socket burners for your delight. Making music you can trust and dance to.

A1 – Wild One
A2 – Should I
B1 – Late Night Snack
A2 – Don’t Look at Me
Edition of 500 copies, black vinyl
Sleeve artwork by João Pimenta