THE TENDERFEET: The Girl I Never Had 7”


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The Tenderfeet - The Girl I Never Had

The Tenderfeet – spreading the garage disease

Sixties garage rock is an infectious and dangerous germ that can spread uncontrollable to young and desperate minds all over the globe. The outbursts are often quite massive but also limited over time. Since the first outbreak in the mid 60s it took almost 15 years until young women and men got infected and was subjected to fuzz, Farfisa, brontosauraus bass-lines and demented lyrics. Vaccins in the form of techno, grunge, heavy metal and rap music soon made a huge number of the population immune to this disturbing form of rock’n’roll and things seemed to get back to normal. But each decade showed that it was impossible to totally erase this infectious style of music.

In the early 90’s I got aware that something was going on in Greece. Bands like The Frantic V, The Cardinals, Odd Mods, Walking Screams, just to mention a few, we’re pumping out wild garage rock and also some great moody garage. Two of the leading figures and drivin’ forces in this scene was Alex Klimentopoulos and Apostolos Stragalinos. Alex, the drummer of Frantic V, hailed from Volos but the band was based in Thessaloniki. Apostolos, organ player of the Odd Mods, was from Athens and good friend with The Cardinals. Something all these bands had in common, except that they made excellent garage rock, was that all bands deeply relied on the sound of Farfisa. That is for me a typical Greek thing and very recognizable.

And now it’s 2020, Alex and Apostolos have now formed a cool new band called The Tenderfeet. Along with fellow youngsters Kostas (guitar), Laiki Jo (bass) and Yannis Ferf (drums) they’re ready to spread their infectious garage. This time Alex takes the lead song and Apostolos is once again behind his organ (no pun intended!) Their first vinyl is a 4-track EP launched by Lost In Tyme Records.

The Girl I Never Had” is a moody, mid-tempo song with a swirling Farfisa that glues all the instruments together. A short, but tough guitar solo followed by a key increase, makes this a great start of the EP.

“Descent” is the second song, which is a spot on cover of the American group The Joys Of Life who hailed from Indianapolis, Indiana. The song is dark, moody piece with some cool, waltz tempo changes and a – guess what – a swirling Farfisa!

You Are Leaving Tomorrow” is jangly up-tempo song with some nice minor chords to it. The sadness in Alex voice gives the tune a more moody feeling which very well corresponds with the title.

Take Some Time” is a totally different song, more of a stomping anthem that is perfect to fill the dance floors at any club or festival around this blue planet of ours. I can only hope that I will be able to see this band live soon.

The Tenderfeet is a living proof of the fact that garage rock is alive and well and still have the power to turn people on. So turn up your speakers, place the needle on the vinyl and start to dig this new, vibrating sound.

Jens Lindberg, September 2020