The Maharajas – Black Box 7″ Reviews

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The new Portuguese records company, Chaputa! Records as is first edition put out The Maharajas new single and show that this band continue to have is moments of fuzzed out garage power genius and so, continue to be a vital part of the garage punk scene everywhere they set foot.
“Black Box” is a hook filled garage scorcher with blistering guitar burning, propulsive bass and interstellar keys, that attacks and closes sinisterly the clutter sound.
The flip, “B-Files” amps up the reverb ricochet, before dissolving into a clattering surf that making it simple and goddamn beautiful.
Also noteworthy is a fabulous illustration of Rui Ricardo.
This is one mutherfucker of a single that it will force you kick yourself if you miss out on this one and so grab this little teaser that is a perfect addition to The Maharajas extraordinary catalog.


My New Kind Of Kick

Just out Now. the long awaited single from one of the best actual rockin bands The Maharajas who delivers an ultimate garage songs with “Black Box” and a great instru based on the Xfiles music. All in a great green color sleeve on the young label Chaputa Records.
Doit-on encore présenter les Maharajas dont la discographie est autant remplie qu’exemplaire… Le dernier single de Mathias Lilja et sa bande vient de sortir sur le jeune label Chaputa Records. “Black Box” est un titre puissant, synthèse du meilleur du garage rock depuis 30 ans. Comme le dit la chanson, on a déjà entendu ça des milliers de fois depuis les Sonics mais on y revient avec un plaisir non dissimulé. La face B est un instru inspiré du générique de Xfiles. Le tout dans une superbe pochette vert fluo… Single du mois sans aucune hésitation!


Something Else! Reviews

The mighty Maharajas’ latest single “Black Box” (Chaputa Records), perhaps a teaser for their upcoming new album, is a winner.
Up-tempo and rockin,’ “Black Box” to my ears bears a strong Fuzztones/Music Machine influence — mixed with the Maharajas’ own fab ’60s Euro-garage style. (Available
Lead singer/guitarist Mathias Lilja commands throughout; he’s really come into his own a lead vocalist for the band. Leader Jens Lindberg has, just for this single, switched over to organ from guitar/vocals. The b-side, called “B-Files,” is really the “X-Files” theme song in disguise — upping the tempo as a fun garage-surf instrumental.
The Maharajas continue to put out consistently great records, and this is no exception. Keep ‘em coming, boys!


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