AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS: Big Attraction & Giddy Up LP


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Amyl and The Sniffers - Big Attraction & Giddy Up

Amyl and the Sniffers are a punk band possessed by the spirit of seventies Australian rock. Amy Taylor (vocals), Bryce Wilson (drums), Dec Martens (guitar) are former housemates who formed the band, wrote a handful of tunes and released their debut EP, Giddy Up, all in a span of twelve hours. Completing their line up with Gus Romer on bass, the band take their cues from a diverse bunch of legends including AC&DC, Cosmic Psychos, Dolly Parton and Die Antwoord, setting out to have as much fun as possible. Their 2nd EP, Big Attraction, was released in February 2017, kicking off a stellar year for these young punks.

Big Attraction
A1 I’m Not A Loser
A2 Blowjobs
A3 Mole [Sniff Sniff] A4 Balaclava Lover Boogie
A5 Westgate
A6 70’s Street Munchies
Giddy Up
B1 Pleasure Forever
B2 Caltex Cowgirl
B3 Mandalay
B4 Stole My Pushbike