Charlie Feathers Collection Vol. 1 to Vol. 4 7″


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In September 1978, Charlie Feathers, along with his son Bubba on guitar and Pee Wee Truite on double bass, recorded a special programme on NBC TV in Houston, Texas, where he played several of his classic songs in the same way he did in the 1950s: without drums and with all the mojo of the original rockabilly.
That recording has the same essence as his tracks 25 years earlier on Meteor or King Records, so much so that they could pass for alternate takes of some of his hits, or newly discovered original cuts, and, although they have been released several times on LP and CD, they have never been pressed on 45 rpm single.Β  Until now.
Sleazy Records collects 6 of those tracks and releases them in a deluxe 4 x 7″ collection, including a postcard inside each one, and making with the back covers an original puzzle of Charlie and his band in the late 70’s.
The four singles are also completed with Charlie’s legendary cover of Hank Thompson’s WILD SIDE OF LIFE, recoded in 1969 at Judd Phillips’ Select-O-Hits studio in Memphis with his old Sun Records colleagues Marcus Van Story and Ramon Mauphin, and the second version of RAIN, recorded with Bubba Feathers in the early 70s.
A deluxe package that brings together eight fantastic rockabillies that certainly deserved to be released in this format.

Complete the back photo with the 4 records!!!!
Each 7″ comes with postcard.

Vol. 1
Side A:
Rain (Version 2)
Side B:
Coochie Coo

Vol. 2
Side A:
Teir It Up
Side B:
Wild Side Of Life

Vol. 3
Side A:
Tongue Tied Jill
Side B:
We’re Getting Closer (to being apart)

Vol. 4
Side A:
Get With It
Side B:
Walking The Dog