DWARVES: Lick It 1983-86 2xLP


Fully demented and distorted.

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The early paisley garage Dwarves are represented here tearing through their first LP (Horror Stories) and early singles and unreleased tracks that predate their rebirth as punk icons. Thrill to tambourines, Farfisa organs and background vocals with attitude! Hits include Living Sickness, Don’t Love Me, Get Outta My Life…

1 Lick It
2 In and Out
3 Oozle
4 Don’t Love Me
5 Monday Blues
6 Mind Expanders
7 I’m a Living Sickness
8 College Town
9 Be a Caveman
10 Get Out of My Life
11 Eat My Dinner
12 Queen of the Surf
13 Love Gestapo
14 Nothing
15 Underwater
16 Nobody Spoil My Fun
17 I’m a Liar
18 Wind Blows Your Hair
19 Chocolate River
20 13 Stories High
21 When I Needed You
22 Stop and Listen
23 You Need Love
24 Mad and Kinda Sad
25 Brand New Cadillac
26 Love Makes Me a Monster
27 Average Dick
28 Every Night
29 Schizophrenic X-Mas
30 Mommy Daddy
31 Love Makes Me a Monster 2
32 I Hate Girls
33 Leave Your Mouth at Home
34 Suburban Nightmare

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