THE GARY 7: Three Of Our Agents Are Missing LP


Spy movie influenced surf featuring ex-members of The Green Hornets and Emptifish.
Debut LP with fourteen spy surf tunes. Limited pressing in different colours, randomly shipped.

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We really proud to release this 1st album by The Gary 7. Fourteen (14) blistering Instro tracks of Spy-Surf.

More ‘Our Man Flint’ than James Bond, more Link Wray than the Surfaris and these guys really live by the Sea, Southsea (Hampshire) to be precise. Rock out to ‘Morocco Mole’, Twist on the beach to ‘Torpedo Assault’ and live the Stasi nightmare that is ‘Night Train To Gdansk’.

The gritty, cold-war era style artwork by our man in Brighton, the over talented Chris ‘Sick’ Moore and what a perfect gig it would make to have these guys play with Messer Chups… Stranger things have happened indeed.