THE HUMAN EXPRESSION: Love At A Psychedelic Velocity LP


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The Human Expression - Love At Psychedelic Velocity (1966)

The Human Expression - Every Night

Unbelievably great psychedelic garage rock from 1966-1968. Up there with the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Love and the Seeds in quality but with an outsider edge to it. Tough as nails deep heavy group who never got the exposure they deserved back in the day. A few songs leaked out on vinyl on psych comps (Optical Sound, Love at a Psychedelic Velocity and Reading Your Will) but the rest has not been on vinyl until now. Beautiful singer/songwriter ballads & frantic rockers sit side by side creating a truly great lost classic of the 1960’s.

Essential listen for anyone who digs garage rock and psychedelic music, this set brilliantly mixing snarling garage numbers with moody downer-drenched reflection, often offering these contrasts within songs, certainly on the title track.Β  Even if that opener was the only good song on this set, that would be worth the price of admission, but this stays amazing, and if it seems like it might spiral downward, the guitars come in to rise it up.Β  Clearly this fits in with the music explored on the Nuggets compilation, sometimes recalling The Standells, other times The Zombies, but also showing connection with fellow LA outfits Love and the Byrds, and bridging the mid 1960s to what we’d hear from Crazy Horse a few years later.Β  This is a classic portrait of American music in the mid 1960s, from the garage to the freak out and into the psychedelic and acid rock.

1. Love At Psychedelic Velocity
2. Outside Of It All
3. Every Night
4. Optical Sound
5. Sweet Child of Nothingness
6. I Don’t Need Nobody
7. Calm Me Down
8. Readin’ Your Will
9. Room Of Shadows
10. I Told Her
11. Return Nevermore
12. Judgement of Rejection
13. Following Me
14. Who Is Burning