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LORD DIABOLIK - Plus Cool Que Toi

The third album from Lord Diabolik is here! Once again, our favorite Frenchmen treat us to a fantastic garage rock album filled with grit, energy, and fun.

Franky and Nene never disappoint; they are a sure bet. With each new album released by this atomic duo, they raise the bar a little higher in the compositional excellence within the European garage scene. With “Plus Cool Que Toi,” they hit the bullseye once more, offering us a wild, elegant, and danceable succession of addictive musical hits created for the enjoyment of the worldwide rock & roll family.

Ten shots, ten hits ready to spin on your turntable. French, Spanish, English… Garage, R&B, Beat, Surf, Rock & Roll… nothing is beyond their grasp, and there is certainly no other group like them. These masters of 60s garage rock have crafted an infallible and irresistible formula made in Perpignan that remains unmatched to this day.

Recorded in Canohes by Tony Bender at “La Chambre” studio. Mastered by the great Marc Hacquet at Speed Records studios in Valencia.

The fantastic artwork is once again the creation of the great graphic artist Rayos X.

A1 Plus Cool Que Toi
A2 High Numbers Go
A3 La Fin Du Monde
A4 Sans Toi
A5 Agent 00 Fuzz
B1 Little Dalila
B2 Tara King
B3 Amar Te Duele
B4 Alcachofa’s Twist
B5 Girl From 65