MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?: Distant Pulsar 2×7″ (gatefold)


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“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff.
We are a way for the universe to know itself.
Also, y’all are really going to love this latest Man…or Astro-Man? record.
There’s definitely some sick new jams on this one.” —CARL SAGAN

Contrary to popular belief, Pulsars aren’t really stars — or at least they aren’t “living” stars. Pulsars belong to a family of objects called neutron stars that form when a star more massive than the sun runs out of fuel in its core and collapses in on itself. This stellar death typically creates a massive explosion called a supernova. The neutron star is the dense nugget of material left over after this explosive death. We presently have five (5) of them for sale. Contact Astro HQ if you wish to inquire about purchasing a Pulsar (not a star).

Pertaining to level 1-C operation personnel only, please note: The counter-back, cross-dimensional vector analysis will relegate the following mechanical device in an advanced reconstitution state within itself when all factors considered in Fig. A.613 are in a state of synchronous phase occurrence. Unnecessarily optriculating any diagnostically challenged auto-burst, ionically charged reversal, or any other predetermined encoding vectors inversely positioned to subtrancontaneous articulation, will cause the immediate redux of excessive dimensional system pressure in all spectral areas within the static margins. The algorithmic blink comparator is to be monitored at maximum rapid succession mode in order to differentiate any binary marker variation. Possible overload vorticity will generate counter-emissions against the potentiometer intermittent spectrum when raised to final loop approach. Further perturbation upheld at the synthetic modulation point will determine any further gradation of draft and various class form drag. Strict adherence to the relation between the outmost perimeter positioning to both the base honing signal point and situational determined impulse ratio is crucial for obtaining full inversion within the ultimate rate of intake. Please handle with caution.

A1. Distant Pulsar 03:20
A2. Microverses 03:20
B1. Signal Intrusions 02:47
B2. Bent Sinister 02:54

Star Crunch: Electronic Guitar, Walkie-Talkie Vocals
Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard: Subharmonic Tesla Coil
Avona Nova: Dark Magic Conjured Guitar
Birdstuff: Drumsticks

Recorded & Mixed tomorrow afternoon at Denial Labs/Saturn by Daniel Farris
Mastering: Jason Hamric
Additional Noise: Sir Joseph Nelson
Graphic Defense Formation: H2ø

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