REIGNING SOUND: Home for Orphans LP


Black vinyl in a white dustsleeve. Includes digital download card.

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Originally put together in 2005 for release on Sympathy For The Record Industry, ‘Home For Orphan’s saw Reigning Sound founder Greg Cartwright pull together a selection of rarities and out-takes from the band’s past. Now with additional tracks, Merge re-issues the compilation for its 15th anniversary.

Medication Blues #1

If You Can't Give Me Everything

When Reigning Sound’s Greg Cartwright assembled the tracklist for 2005’s Home for Orphans compilation LP, he was mining from a moody pool of outtakes and rarities cut at various locations across his hometown of Memphis. Stephen Deusner wrote in his review for Pitchfork: β€œGreg Cartwright has an ear for the hooks and hits from the mid-20th century, when rock, country, and r&b were only just beginning to diverge, and his songs with the Reigning Sound have the authenticity of dusty 45s by long-forgotten artists, buried for decades in some lonely LP store or flea market.”

Featuring the original Memphis lineup of singer-guitarist Cartwright, bassist Jeremy Scott, drummer Greg Roberson, and organist Alex Greene, Home for Orphans presents Reigning Sound’s classic sonic blueprint.

Find Me Now
If You Can’t Give Me Everything
Funny Thing
Medication Blues #1
What Could I Do?
If Christmas Can’t Bring You Home
Pretty Girl
Without You
Don’t Send Me No Flowers, I Ain’t Dead Yet (Live)