RITA BRAGA: Illegal Planet LP


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Rita Braga - Nothing Came From Nowhere

“Rita.. The cosmic crooner
The space dust chanteuse
The spotlight star of the ghost riders in the sky gypsy caravan.
Autodidact, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & scholar of esoteric magic and folk tunes from the Balkans to the Bosporus and beyond. Her twilight purr, typically accompanied by the hum of a spacecraft engine or a tremolo laser beam, seems both foreign & futuristic โ€” yet warmly familiar, as it’s evocative of the ancient traditions that lurk dormant in the collective caveman unconscious that lays coiled up in us all, waiting to emerge.
Rita Braga is the top torch singer working today; a titan, an inspiration, and a maverick of style. If Vegas had any class anymore she would be booked solid at The Sands through the next century.”
– Ian Svenonius

1. ย Illegal Planet
2. Spooky Mambo
3. Astro Rumba
4. Flores Indigestas
5. Radio Pardal
6. Nothing Came From Nowhere
7. O Sorriso Do Papagaio
8. Ikea Snow
9. Chien Mysterieux
10. Pony
11. Unclassified