THE ACCIDENTS: The Accidents International LP


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In february 2010 The Accidents went to Rebeltrax Recordings and recorded three songs for an upcoming 7-inch. For some reason that release never happend and for a long time everyone thought the master tape was gone. So very few have heard these songs. Til now.
TvΓ₯takt Records are very happy to present The Accidents International 12.
These killer tracks (the last songs recorded by the band) is now released togheter with the “The Beechcraft Bonanza” EP, prevoulsy only released on CD. And as a bonus, a great early demo version of Afterburner.
So once again, put on your dancin’ shoes and play loud!

Side one:
1. Heart of the city (Nick Lowe)
2. Weekend warriors
3. Im herzen de stadt (Nick Lowe)
Side two:
1. You belong to me
2. Midnight in Bhopal
3. Left for dead (UK Subs)
4. Afterburner (early demo)

Remastered for vinyl by Johan Reiven @ Audiolord Mastering.