THE COURETTES: Hop The Twig 7″


Orange vinyl

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Look out! Look out! Look out! It´s ‘HOP THE TWIG’! And it´s coming FAST!

‘Hop The Twig’ is The Courettes´ brand new single! An exciting and groovy blend of garage, early surf music and ’60s girlie pop, all wrapped in tons of riot grrrl attitude. Like The Ronettes and The Ramones invite Link Wray and Duane Eddy for a wild party in Gold Star Studios’ echo chamber!

Hop the Twig was a slang for dying in the 19th century. A very up to date theme in these pandemic times, so the tune has a bit of a dark atmosphere – although you can easily dance to it. Shake off your lockdown blues and enjoy the ride, while you can!

Glorious B Side “Only Happy When You´re Gone” is a Spector-esque dancefloor Killer!, filled with girl group backing vocals and wall of sound echoes and vibes. And yes, tremolo fuzz atomic guitars are also there!

A release by Damaged Goods Records, coming out SOON! April 30th 2021.

Together with ‘Want You! Like a Cigarette’, ‘Hop The Twig’ will feature in The Courettes´ upcoming third album, Back in Mono, to be released in Autumn 2021.


Hop The Twig

Only Happy When You’re Gone