THE CRAMPS: A Date With Elvis LP


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The Cramps - Hot Pearl Snatch

UK 10-track pressing. Dedicated to Ricky Nelson, a DATE WITH ELVIS (1986) is the third Cramps studio album, recorded five years after their last, 1981’s PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE (in the interim, the band recorded a number of EPs and a pair of live albums, and extracted themselves from a legal dispute with their old record label). Playing as a three-piece, with the extremely talented Poison Ivy on guitar and bass (as well as singing on a couple of tracks!), the band turned their most solid studio record. From the brilliant usage of a preschool choir singing the chorus of “People Ain’t No Good” to a crunching cover of “Get Off the Road”, the theme song of the 1968 biker exploitation flick, SHE DEVILS ON WHEELS, the record includes a bunch of ought-a-be classics. Standouts include the faux-hippie duet of “Kizmiaz”, one of the band’s several peaks of hyperactive, juvenile sexual obsession; “Hot Pool of Womanneed”, featuring lyrics like “As Jacob said to Isaiah / in them biblin’ days of yore / Man that babe is the tomata / Oh my Lord I’m longin’ for”; and Lux Interior’s nearly perfect impression of the King on “It’s Just That Song”.

A1 How Far Can Too Far Go?
A2 The Hot Pearl Snatch
A3 People Ain’t No Good
A4 What’s Inside A Girl?
A5 Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
B1 Kizmiaz
B2 Cornfed Dames
B3 Chicken
B4 (Hot Pool Of) Womanneed
B5 Aloha From Hell
B6 It’s Just That Song