THE CYNICS: 69/Friday Night 7″


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The “69/Friday Night” single is a pivotal moment in Cynics history as it was recorded during the band’s very first recording session! Featured on this single is the original Cynics line-up of Mark Keresman on vocals, Gregg Kostelich on guitar, Pam Reyner on bass and Bill Von Hagen on drums. Both tracks were recorded in mid-1984 in the basement of Gregg’s old apartment in Oakland (he didn’t have a garage!) in classic punk rock “rudimentary fashion,” with two-track mono tape recorded by running the microphone cords up the stairs into a mixing board in the dining room. The A-side, “69” was a hit in the sixties for a local band called the Arondies, and features Gregg’s debut on vocals. The B-Side, “Friday Night” was the first song ever written by the Cynics. Both tracks on this single were engineered by Dave Kleeman.  More than anything, these songs reflect the true spirit of the Cynics humble beginnings “in the basement!”

A – 69
B – Friday Night