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Killer long awaited second volume of recordings from The JuJus of ‘Back From The Grave Vol. 1’, and ‘Pebbles Vol. 1’ fame! Here are 15 more of the very best cuts from (1964-1967) by this legendary ’60s folk-punk and garage outfit from Grand Rapids, Michigan! This is one unbelievably garage-rock collection, featuring 8 more single sides, unreleased demo only versions of ‘You Treated Me Bad’, ‘Hey Little Girl’, ‘Do You Understand Me’ and ‘Assault’ (the latter is a real sharp surf garage instrumental!), along with 7 more – mostly unreleased- gems from singer Ray Hummel’s stunning JuJus mastertape collection! The sound quality is totally awesome for rare ’60s recordings. The LP comes complete with a 2-sided poster and cover artwork by Darren Merinuk!

Tracking list:
A1 You Treated Me Bad (Demo 7″, 1965)
A2 Hey Little Girl (Demo 7″, 1965)
A3 Fine Day (Fenton 7″, 1967)
A4 Gentle Rain (Fenton 7″, 1967)
A5 There She Goes (Unreleased Studio Track, 1965)
A6 I Don’t Want To See You Again (Practice Room Demo, 1964)
A7 Do You Understand Me (Demo 7″, 1966)
A8 Assault (Demo 7″, 1966)
B1 I’m Really Sorry
B2 Do You Understand Me
B3 Fine Day (Unreleased Studio Track, 1965)
B4 I Love Her So (Unreleased Studio Track, 1965)
B5 Flake Out (Take 2, 1964)
B6 I’ll Be There
B7 Play With Fire