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Krontjong Devils - Music From The Stars, Vol 1

The Krontjong Devils - Oxygen IV

Krontjong devils, Music from the stars, a journey through space and time.
I don’t think the Krontjong Devils truly mean that the songs from this new album actually come from the stars. It’s impossible, because there’s no sound in space. Everybody who has been in space knows that when you fire a laser gun or a photon torpedo, you won’t hear
a blast or an explosion. It’s a pity, but there simply is no air for the sound to travel through. While we’re at it, I don’t think they really mean that they made a journey through space and time either. Well, they do travel through space, but only here on earth. From A to B, from Europe to Asia, from north to south, but never actually between the stars. Besides that, they most certainly can’t travel through time. Even if they could, they definitely wouldn’t brag about it. Time travel is a very serious and a very complicated matter. You don’t shout it from the rooftops that you’re traveling all the way to the past, the future, and back to the present again. You’d attract the attention of people you don’t want to get involved with, and maybe along the way, you’d mess up the time-space continuum, get caught up in a time paradox and go completely crazy.

Time travel isn’t possible anyway. If it ever was, is, or will be, people would already be travelling all through our current age, other times and alternative universes. We would have noticed it by all the strange anomalies on the space-time line.
At least that’s what the Krontjong Devils think, but I ain’t no Stephen Hawking or Max Planck. I do think that in your own ways, you can travel through time, by simply remembering things in your personal little cosmos, and that’s what I think the Krontjong Devils mean by Music from the stars, a journey through space and time.

They traveled through space and time to meet their stars: the stars from the late seventies and early eighties. Then they traveled even further back in time and connected these seventies and eighties songs with the sounds and rhythms of their even older heroes. They traveled to
France to meet the great synthesizer hero Jean Michel Jarre, and went back to the sixties to mix his song Equinox with the surf sound of the Fabulous Astronauts. They went to Greece and met Vangelis, and went back to Link Wray to change Chariots of Fire into a wild rock song. They stayed in their fatherland, The Netherlands, and visited the keyboard wizard Nova and took his song Aurora to the Challengers and made it a stompin’ up-tempo surf rocker. They went to Italy, to the Tyrolean Alps, where they met Giorgio Morodor, the great disco composer, and took two of his songs, I Feel Love, sung by the Great Donna Summer, and Call Me, co-composed by Blondie, and took it back to the sixties to make them sound like a Ventures song. Then they went to Sweden, to France again, then to Spain, to meet the great singer Julio Iglesias. They traveled all over the world to meet the stars in their time and to just make music. Great stompin’ wild wet surf music, of all times, from the whole world and for the entire universe. I don’t know if that’s what they meant, but that’s what the Krontjong Devils did.
They just made a great new album.

K. Nova, President of the Hobbyrock Foundation

Side 1
1. “Call Me” (2:50)
2. “Oxygene #4” (3:02)
3. “Take On Me” (3:03)
4. “Cambodia” (2:52)
5. “I Feel Love” (4:26)
Side 2
1. “Gangsters” (2:25)
2. “The Force” (2:33)
3. “Aurora” (2:14)
4. “Quiero” (2:39)
5. “Chariots Of Fire” (4:24)