THE MISFITS: American Psycho LP


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US re-ish of the 6th album but 1st with the 90’s line up.

American Psycho is the fourth studio album by the American punk rock band Misfits. Released on May 13, 1997, it was the first to be recorded and released without the band’s founder and former leader Glenn Danzig.[2] Bassist Jerry Only, after years of litigation, reached a settlement with Danzig and was granted the rights to use the band’s name and image to record and perform. The album also marked the addition of singer Michale Graves and Dr. Chud on drums.[2]

Originally, the album was going to be titled Dead Kings Rise, a play on the band’s resurrection, but was changed when the title track did not make the album.[citation needed] The album was produced by Daniel Rey, who has produced for artists such as the Ramones and White Zombie.

Abominable Dr. Phibes
American Psycho
Speak Of The Devil
Walk Among Us
The Hunger
From Hell They Came
Dig Up Her Bones
Dead Kings Rise
This Island Earth
Crimson Ghost
Day Of The Dead
The Haunting
Mars Attacks
Hate The Living, Love The Dead
Don’t Open ‘Til Doomsday