THE MONSTERS: I See Dead People LP


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The Monsters - I See dead people

... And Then You Cry

14 new tracks that will blow your mind! A horrortrip of FUZZZZZZZZ & demented screams! This is the best these guys from switzerland have ever released! Don’t even dare to ask for a copy of their limited tour LP–this is gone forever! This is the normal, but nevertheless cool version on Beats own label! Its the music that counts!

1.The Love I Never Had
2.F*** My Brain (Buddah Buddah)
3.I See Dead People
4.Sonic Nightmares
5.Acid Dreams
6.Oh Wrong
7.The Other Man
8.I’m Going Away, Girl
9.Kiss You Dead
11.And Then You Cry
12.You Know Why
13.Burn In Flames
14.Diggin’ My Grave

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