THE NIPS: Only The End Of The Beginning LP


300 copies only, heavy duty, glossy sleeve, 200gm Red vinyl

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The Nips - Love to make you cry

The Nips (formerly The Nipple Erectors) blended Punk with 70’s Rockabilly and Pub Rock, releasing a couple of singles along with this album on SOHO Recs (Pre-cursor to Media Burn Recs), 14 tracks including ‘King Of The Bop’ and ‘Gabrielle’.
Shane McGowan’s band prior to forming Pogue Mahone / Pogues. Fantastic sound quality on this limited re-issue (300 copies), revised artwork, heavyweight vinyl & sleeve.

A1 I Love To Make You Cry
A2 Vengeance
A3 Gabrielle
A4 King Of The Bop
A5 Ghostown
A6 Fuss ‘N’ Bother
A7 Venus In Bother Boots
B1 Happy Song
B2 Stupid Cow
B3 I Don’t Want Nobody To Love
B4 Infatuation
B5 Maida Ada
B6 Hit Parade
B7 Can’t Say No