The Rooks: A Girl Like You 7″ (gold vinyl)


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7″ single. Now on Translucent Gold Vinyl!

Anytime we can offer up a mid-sixties garage band from our favorite hotbed, the Windy City (particularly a combo citing Them and the Pretty Things as faves!!), good things can be expected for the beat-crazed connoisseur. Now, when it turns out to be one of the RAREST of all ’66 garage singles, namely the Rooks’ classic two-sider, “A Girl Like You”/”Empty Heart”, it’s an EVENT.

The Them influence bled heavily into their own classic “A Girl Like You” — hands down the best-ever “I Can Only Give You Everything” — cop on the brutal intro. Their cover of the Stones’ “Empty Heart” is killer too. While forgotten for too long, in their day, the Rooks were in-demand in the Chicagoland area ‘n’ beyond.

From the original master tape, augmented with amazing photos. Why blow your retirement nest egg on an original copy when it sounds incredible on always-reasonably priced Sundazed vinyl?


A Girl Like You β€’ Empty Heart