THE SATELLITERS: Nothing Left To Tell 7″


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German 60s Garage Punk-heroes THE SATELLITERS just added a new 45 to their discography, and thereby yet another two outstanding modern-day 60s Garage-hits! Since 25 years we have known and loved the characteristic SATELLITERS-signaturesound, which mixes authentic 60s (recorded with original vintage equipment only) containing just the right amount of fuzz-guitar, hammond organ, harp and a psychedelic Freakbeat-influence with superb songwriting and the unmistakable vocals of lead singer Steve. And this sound is exactly what you can expect to hear on this new 7′, which is an anniversary edition to celebrate the band’s 25th birthday and comes in a brown papersleeve with an authentic vintage label, just like the original 60s Garage 45s. The A-side ‘Nothing Left To Tell’ intrigues with its prominent guitar, a catchy melody and a cool beat, while it reminds one a little of their famous songs such as ‘Lost In Time’ and has no less hit-potential. The B-side ‘You’ will capture you just the same with a cool SEEDS-/MUSIC MACHINE-kind of mood to it. Once again two smashing hits by the German kings of 60s Garage – a true jewel for collectors, DJs and lovers of good music!

A: Nothing Left To Tell
B: You