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THE SENCES - Don't Care

THE SENCES - One More Night

A year after the release of their debut 7″ EP, The Sences strike back with their debut album. “Better Than Before” contains 12 original compositions, that show their big love for garage & moody sounds of the 60’s!
It’s really impressive to watch these youngsters boldly write and record so many high quality garage songs with such energy and passion, one after the other, like it’s the easiest thing in the world! The answer is that The Sences live and breathe those sounds! Their teen angst-ridden songs are influenced by bands that played in clubs on the Sunset Strip such us The Pandora’s Box in the 60’s like Love, The Chocolate Watchband and early WCPAEB, as well as all the obscure 60s garage bands from the USA suburbs, that we all love.
The LP kicks off with “Don’t Care”, the ultimate garage punk anthem of 2024! Tracks like “No Pain No Sorrow”, “Either Way” or “Byrds Won’t Fly Today” may have well escaped a teen campus or a college dorm from New England circa 1966 or so, while teen garage stompers like “She Knocked On My Door”, “One More Night’” and “My Girl” are filled with raw fuzz, swirling farisa, pounding drums and tons of screams. Their LP closes with the mind-blowing acid punk instro “Psychosis”, that may well have been the main theme of the soundtrack of a mid 60s psychsploitation flick.
The Sences don’t try hard to look or sound “cool” or “authentic”. Actually they “don’t care”, because they are already cool and authentic! Let The Sences take you to the magical world of their music. It’s exactly what garage music should be!

Don’t Care
No Pain No Sorrow
She Knocked On My Door
Either Way
Birds Won’t Fly Today
Say Goodbye
Better Than Before
My Girl
You Know What To Do
One More Night

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