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The Zeros is an American punk-rock group formed in 1976 in Chula Vista, California. The band was originally formed with Javier Escovedo (vocals/guitar), Robert Lopez (guitar), Héctor Penalosa (bass) and Baba Chenelle (drums). Often referred to as “the Mexican Ramones,” they were just one of many contributors to the city of Los Angeles’ punk explosion in the late ’70s, although they never received the acclaim like their contemporaries Black Flag, Circle Jerks, or Germs and Wipers. They have more followers and fans outside of the United States, especially Europe and Spain in particular. The label “the Mexican Ramones” did not take into account their other revealing influences: pre-punk and garage-rock bands. The Zeros make it evident on this album, releasing covers of New York Dolls among others. But the originals, for example “They Say (That Everything’s Alright)” and “Handgrenade Heart,” also exploit the spirit of loud, strident rock. There are also slow and melodic, sloppy and dirty pop songs to satisfy all tastes. The quartet broke up in 1981, reformed sporadically for live shows, and recorded a 1999 album Right Now!. An excellent album. Ideal to have a good time and enjoy good rock.

01. Right Now!
02. Do The Swim
03. Handgrenade Heart
04. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry
05. Tonight
06. Pushin’ Too Hard
07. Cosmetic Couple
08. Rico Amour
09. Girl On The Block
10. hey Say (That Everything´S Alright)
11. Sneakin´ Out
12. Chatterbox
13. Talkin´
14. You, Me, Us
15. Siamese Tease
16. Yo No Quiero
17. Main Street Brat
18. Black-N-White