VA: TRASHCAN RECORDS Vol. 7: Hello Earth People 10″


A “Wacky Weirdos” and a “Moody Instros” side. Limited to 500 copies.

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TRASHCAN RECORDS Vol. 7 - Hello Earth People

Stag-O-Lee presents part 7 of the extremely successful Trashcan Records series, which is dedicated to obscure and forgotten vinyl treasures from the 50s and early 60s. The original 45s come from the impressive collection of Fedor, a collector and hunter from Amsterdam, who has rummaged through thousands of boxes of used vinyl at flea markets in the Dutch metropolis over the last 25 years. As usual, this release is structured thematically. Side 1 is entitled “Wacky Weirdos” and is a hodgepodge of obscure weirdness that, on the one hand, puts a smile on your face and, on the other hand, raises the question of what was allowed to be pressed onto small vinyl in these dazs. Side 2 is exactly that wath “Moody Instros” says. Instrumentals between mod jazz and rhythm & blues, from lo-fi spooky to gentle crawlers. Of course everything is mega and can’t be found on any of the numerous other compilations to date.

A1 The Sound Offs – The Angry Desert 2:23
A2 The Commanders – Trouble In The Jungle 1:57
A3 Angeline Ignacio & Hawaii’s Teen Towners – Hula Rock And Roll 1:52
A4 Dave S. Trio – Devil’s Daughter 2:32
A5 John Bean – Mr. K 2:36
A6 Mr. Glob – Hello Earth People 2:06
B1 Tony Martell And His Orchestra – Hot Spot 2:11
B2 Neil Darrow – Action Central 1:35
B3 The Escapades – Tomcat 1:52
B4 Mike Murray – Hangin’ 2:16
B5 Pearl Reaves & Paul Farano Trio – High Noon 2:31
B6 The Desert Rats – Sohonie 3:03