COUNTRY TEASERS: Satan Is Real Again LP (gatefold)


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Country Teasers - Satan Is Real Again (Or: Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts) (Full Album)

A rather deluxe reissue of this classic (as considered now) 2nd LP by Edinburgh/London combo Country Teasers, featuring tons of info on just how this LP came to be, plus the rather fucked-up story of a wee label flailing against the corrupt/inept accounting by Atlantic Records. Gatefold sleeve plus printed inner sleeve. And, most importantly: a READABLE sized BAND NAME upon a sticker attached to the shrink-wrap!
Perhaps best is to quote directly from the original 1996 one-sheet (including original fonts!):
Yes, my friends; A new 14-cut album from London´s finest, no doubt to cost Crypt more “garage/punk cred” within the ranks of those “hip”. Well, believe me, I just spent 24 hours going thru a stack of over 200 demos from half-assed newly “hep” “garage” and “punk” bands and the Teasers cut a bold swath through alla these nouveau Caesars or D Dogs attempters, never mind alla these pissant surf/lo-fi/”trash” punkers with absolutely no fucking SUBSTANCE or originality. I will admit that the Teasers AIN´T yer “typical” Crypt “sound”; Hell, they almost fit in and could even appeal to “garage” hating “indie rock” types.

 Anyway, the alb kicks off with a noisey instrumental “intro”, “THE WIDE-OPEN BEAVER OF NASHVILLE”. Next up: the ALMOST “radio-friendly”  “BLACK CHANGE” kicks in. Track 3 is an ode to the subtleties & innocent pleasures of “PANTY SHOTS”.  “IT IS MY  DUTY”: a charming, skipping treatise on the overly facistic feminism of now. Rather than apologize for any whining from the PC do-gooders, the next tune, a poignant C&W ballad, blames Ben´s brutal truth-laying on the “DEVIL ON MY BACK”. Next up, the video-game squealing instro “LITTLE BLACK CLOUDS”. And, rounding off side 1, another quiet C&W ballad, “LIES”. Side 2 kicks off with a rollicking new wave “dance” ditty on the joys of being a man, “THANK YOU GOD FOR MAKING ME AN ANGEL”, complete w/ intro/outro cops from a Joy Division tune. “CRIPPLES” is an ace mid-tempo jaunt. “SOME HOLE” is a crawling, slide-guit-screeching C&W ode to chasing pussy. “I DON´T LIKE PEOPLE” is a fast-paced R&B rocker about the “pleasures” of society. “COUNTRY FAG” is a rather crude “thru the eyes of” sketch about the manly West. “SATAN IS REAL AGAIN” is a dark discourse on Ben´s personal tract with the Prince Of Darkness. And, after all that bile and blood- letting… a quiet cover of the old standard, “THESE THINGS SHALL PASS”, Ben´s “farewell” message of perseverance and hope…

1. The Wide-Open Beaver Of Nashville  
2. Black Change!      
3. Panty Shots
4. It Is My Duty    
5. Devil On My Back      
6. Little Black Clouds      
7. Lies
8. Thank You God For Making Me An Angel.    
9. Cripples    
10. Some Hole
11. Don’t Like People    
12. Country Fag  
13. Satan Is Real Again
14. These Things Shall Pass

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